The Effects of Holiday Travel


The holidays are here, which means you most likely have travel plans. Traveling, though well worth it, puts a lot of stress on our bodies. We’ve put together the top 3 strains we suffer from while traveling and what you can do to make improvements.


Unless you are taking a day trip, you are sure to have luggage. Not only will you be hauling your bag from train or plane or car, you will then typically have to lift if over your head or shove it in a compartment. After all that, you’ll still have to deal with it between layovers and finally at your destination. This puts a lot of strain on your back, shoulders, and arms.

Our Tips: No matter how or where you are traveling, try to pack as lightly as possible. When carrying your bag, distribute the weight evenly and switch from one arm to the other throughout your travels.


If you aren’t paying for first class, you are probably going to come across an uncomfortable seat with limited leg room. If you are lucky enough to score an aisle seat, you might have some additional leg room, but you’ll regularly be bumped by other travelers. If you are in a window seat, you will end up wedged up against a curbed wall. And don’t even get us started on the downfalls of the middle seat! Your trip will add up to several hours of strain on your body.

Our Tips: None of these options sound great, but an aisle seat is your best bet. There you will have the most freedom to stand up and stretch without having to crawl over other passengers.


Anything that is in constant use by many people is bound to be unsanitary. Whether you are riding a bus, plane, or train, you are going to be exposed to germs during your travels. Combine that with a weakened immune system, and you could end up sick during the holidays.

Our Tips: Schedule a chiropractic adjustment the same week you plan to travel and the week you return. Remember to use lots of hand sanitizer and bring germ-killing wipes for the area you’ll be sitting in.

Your travels are well worth the stressors you’ll encounter, but if there is something you can do to make your experience easier, why not give it a try? Contact us to schedule an adjustment to get you ready for your holiday trip!