Chiropractic Events


Stiles Chiropractic Offices offers a variety of in-office events designed to educate and support your employees’ health initiatives. The events are tailored to the needs and interests of your organization and offer flexible scheduling.

Health Fairs: We can organize a complimentary 2 – 3 hour health fair held on your premises with varied vendors representing different facets of the health care industry – everything from nutrition to aromatherapy to personal training – for a fun and easy approach to educate and introduce your employees to health services available to them. We invite all vendors, handle all setup and take-down, as well as clean-up of the facility. All of this is done without interfering with the daily flow of your business.

Free Mini-Massage: The perfect way to give back to your employees, this a fun and relaxing event. Typically held on Fridays, Dr. Stiles will provide free 10 minute massages for up to 18 employees during a 3 hour period. Several events can be scheduled for larger organizations, to ensure all employees have an opportunity to receive a mini-massage.

Presentations: Dr. Stiles will customize a complimentary 1 hour long presentation on a topic tailored for your business. The presentations are informative in nature and can address physical or mental health subjects. Some popular topics include Ergonomic Training for maintaining proper posture while working, as well as Reducing Stress in the Workplace to help employees better manage the trials and tribulations encountered on a daily basis.

Meet-the-Doc: Free 10 minute consultations where employees can privately discuss any health issues they might have. Dr. Stiles will provide feedback on how they can best approach finding a solution for their health concerns.

All of these events are offered at no charge to your business. The reason being is that it’s part of our public service to the community. We want to build an exceptional reputation by providing exceptional service.