Hike For Your Health!

With October officially here, it is one of the best times to enjoy Fall foliage. And what better way to fully immerse yourself in the season than with a nice, long hike? Hiking is the perfect way to take in nature while benefiting your health. Here are our tips for enjoying the great outdoors and improving your health!

Health Benefits of Hiking

A beautiful day spent in the outdoors can be therapeutic and meditative. Hiking can clear your mind and get you in a great headspace to help you manage stress and get away from it all. Not only is hiking good for the mind, but it is also good for the body. It can be a great cardio workout that can improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels and can even decrease your risk of heart disease.

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of weight-bearing exercises, and hiking falls into that category. These types of exercises help prevent osteoporosis as they can improve bone density. Additionally, regular hikes will help you manage your weight, improve your mood, and build a strong core.

As you spend more time on the trails, you’ll find your body getting stronger, your mind feeling better, and your overall health and wellness improving. All you need is a good pair of hiking boots, a set of walking poles to support your spine, and you are off to a great start.

Chiropractic: A Hiker’s Secret Key to Success

Hiking requires balance and strength, neither of which you will have much of if your body has subluxations and is out of alignment. Regular chiropractic care ensures your body is functioning optimally, and when you combine that care with exercise (like hiking) and nutrition, you will see great improvements to your health.

As your chiropractor, we are focused on improving the health of your whole body. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help you maintain flexibility and an improved range of motion. When your body is balanced, the work you do while hiking will be evenly distributed, so no added pressure will be put on any muscle groups or joints so they don’t need to work any harder than they have to. And after a hike, when you are feeling tired and sore, chiropractic care will help your body recover faster. You’ll be trailblazing in no time!

If you are ready to get outside and enjoy the health benefits of hiking, click here to contact us. Along with chiropractic adjustments, we can provide additional stretches and exercises so you’ll be in great shape for your next outdoor adventure.