Are You Over-Sitting?


As your local Chicago chiropractor, we agree with most experts: lower back pain is frequently the result of sitting for long periods of time. Most of us spend our days doing just that — sitting! Whether you’re commuting to work, working the day away at your desk, enjoying a meal, or unwinding after a long day, you’re probably sitting.

Sometimes it seems as though the only time we aren’t sitting is when we’re moving to our next seat! There’s no denying that in today’s world, there is a lot of sitting! That’s why it isn’t much of a surprise that lower back pain is an increasingly common problem.

You’ve learned why your posture is important (especially during Correct Posture Month!), and we’ve got tips on how you can stop over-sitting.

Our Tips to Stop Over-Sitting

We know it’s impossible to just stop sitting (too much standing isn’t ideal for your health, either). What’s important to take away is that you become more aware of just how long you are sitting for each and every day. Here are a few tips to help reduce strain when you are sitting:

  • Frequently change your position

  • Stretch your back, shoulders, and spine every hour

  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to get up every 45 minutes to stretch and take a short walk 

By following these simple tips, you may begin to notice your back feels better and you can reduce the negative impact that over-sitting has on your spine. If you are suffering from frequent back pain and want to learn more about how we can help, click here to contact us!