Have You Considered A Digital Detox?


Unless you are living out in the back country or on your own island, it can be pretty challenging to escape technology. No matter where you look, there it is! Technology certainly makes life easier in a lot of ways, but it can also consume a large amount of our time and lead to issues in our relationships and with our health. It doesn’t matter if your are tweeting, texting, gaming, or chatting, the seemingly innocent time spent on your phone can quickly lead to addictive behavior.

We understand it is nearly impossible to remove all technology in your life, and we know it is vital to many day-to-day tasks. What we’re suggesting is practicing a “technology timeout”. Here are our tips for a digital detox:

  1. Meal Time is Phone-Free. When you are enjoying a meal with family and friends, turn off the tablet or phone. Your focus should be on strengthening or developing critical bonds with those close to you, not on the latest Instagram update.  

  2. Turning Off Tech On Vacation. So you’re on vacation and you’re enjoying a beautiful meal or breathtaking views. Of course you reach for your phone to share with your social media followers. We suggest resisting the urge, so you can fully experience each wonderful moment of your well-deserved vacation and enjoy the time you have with the people you are with. You can always do a daily photo dump before bed. 

  3. Bedtime..For Your Phone? Having some trouble falling asleep? Try turning off your electronics (phone included!) at least one hour before going to bed. Blue lights from electronics trick your brain into staying awake, so you will most likely find that you have an easier time unwinding, leading to better sleep.

  4. Technology Timeout. Try to implement little changes in your routine so technology is taking less of your time. Maybe check your emails a few times less or silence your phone from work calls once you leave the office. Limit your time spent scrolling aimlessly through social media, and turn your phone off (or at least silence it) at a set time each night. This will encourage you to engage more with your surroundings, instead of what's happening in cyberspace.

  5. Technology-Free Fun. Have you ever considered how much time you lost on your phone or tablet? If not…there’s an app for that. Truthfully, when technology isn’t sucking away your time, you have the potential to get so much more done. Whether it’s finally getting to folding that laundry or spending quality time with friends and family or getting in a good workout, the options are endless!

Following these simple steps will help you be more present in the world around you, instead of the one in the palm of your hand. Digital detoxes nourish both your mind and body, leading to a healthier and happier you!