Dive Into Summer!


Summer heat may be hard to beat, but it is the perfect time to enjoy the many benefits of swimming. Not only is it refreshing, but swimming is also a great workout. It puts very little stress on the back, is good for all ages, and is low impact. Even if you aren’t big on swimming laps, there are plenty of effective aquatic exercises. Here are some of the benefits of exercising in the water.

Swimming Relieves Stress

Imagine you are floating in a big pool of water that is just the right temperature — relaxing, isn’t it? Water alters the tension that gravity puts on the body, which is especially beneficial for those with arthritis or joint issues. Water helps the body relax, and we recommend water exercises particularly to those suffering from back issues, as the impact is much less than what movement on the ground can have on the spine.

Swimming Is Low Impact

Sometimes a good, hard exercise is just what some people need. But for those with injuries, low impact exercises are much less stressful on the body. When you exercise in the water, all of your movements become low impact and are much easier on the joints. Water also provides natural resistance, strengthening, without the need for heavy weights. For those looking to build strength but suffering from back or joint pain, water aerobics may be the perfect solution.

Increased Physical Endurance

Studies have found that one of the best workouts a person can do is swimming. There are many reasons why these results have been determined, and that includes the improvement of physical endurance. Weightlifting might not be something you do in the water, but water alone provides a moderate amount of resistance. When doing water exercises, that resistance helps strengthen muscles. Many chiropractors (including the team here at Stiles Chiropractic) suggest water therapy to help correct posture, relieve back pain, and build muscle.

If you’d like to learn more steps you can take to a healthier you this summer, just ask during your next adjustment. Click here to schedule your next appointment so we can help you on your path the health!