Can A Big Wallet Cause Big Problems?


If you’re like most people, you think a big wallet is a good thing. Maybe you are even one to carry around wads of cash on you. We’re not trying to cramp your style, but we suggest you find someplace different to carry your cash rather than stuffed into the back pocket of your pants.

If you have been experiencing back pain, perhaps the filing cabinet in your back pocket is the culprit. Wallet sciatica and hip-pocket syndrome are very real conditions. Here are our tips to avoid the pain associated with big wallets!

Wallets — friend or foe?

There’s no denying it — wallets are a big help. They hold our credit cards, cash, identification, and the slew of loyalty cards that haven’t been touched for five years. We get it, it can be difficult to let go. But it is necessary for the sake of your back.

No matter the thickness of your wallet, it’s not ever a good idea to sit on it all day. When you do, you create asymmetry in your pelvis and hips, which can cause pain in the legs and low back. This imbalance can also impact your body from your neck all the way to your buttocks. This is because each part of your body will try to compensate for the uneven tilt of your hips and pelvis.

If you allow this to continue for an extended period of time, it can lead to issues with your spinal joints, spinal discs, and muscles. These issues can lead to dysfunction, pain and even degenerative problems.

So, what is your solution? Don’t think it is simply switching your wallet to your front pocket! That also causes problems, like a pinch between your thigh and torso that can be painful. To avoid all of the unnecessary discomfort, simply take your wallet out of your pocket when you are sitting down.

What’s next?

Now that you know a wallet as big as a brick isn’t going to work, check out our suggestions:

  • Try a minimalist wallet. These wallets simply don’t have the space to accumulate tons of stuff. They also fit easily in your jacket or shirt front pocket.

  • A good old fashioned money clip - Keep it simple and classic with a money clip. The whole point is to carry less, after all!

  • Go mobile! More and more stores and restaurants accept payment from your phone, meaning you don’t have to carry anything more than that!

Don’t let your wallet weigh you down. Healthy habits like reducing the heavy items you carry on a regular basis help relieve neck and back pain, along with regular adjustments here at Stiles Chiropractic. Click here to schedule your next appointment!