What Your Posture is Doing to You


Ever wonder why your neck and shoulders are so tense and sore?

With normal posture the average head weighs about 12 lbs. Arch your back forward 2" and now its 32 lbs., add another inch and that translates to 42 lbs. of weight hanging from your neck all day. It's no wonder you're in pain.

With all this muscle tension you could start developing the "Granny Hump", compressed (degenerative) discs, pinched nerves and degenerated vertebra.


Secondary conditions include:

  1.   Arm Pain
  2.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3.   Decreased Range of Motion
  4.   Degenerative Joint Disease
  5.   Digestive Issues
  6.   Dizziness
  7.   Fatigue
  8.   Golfer's Elbow
  9.   Headaches
  10.   Migraines
  11.   Muscle Imbalance
  12.   Numbness/Tingling in the Arms and Hands
  13.   Rotator Cuff Issues
  14.   Sinus Conditions
  15.   Tendonitis
  16.   Tennis Elbow
  17.   TMJ
  18.   Upper Back Pain
  19.  Vision Issues

 Sound like you??? Call us. Chiropractors are specifically trained to help patients regain proper alignment protecting their spine and nervous system against the endless cycle of perpetual slouching.