The ABC's of Better Health


At the beginning of the year, many of us make New Year's resolutions to start the journey of good health. Unfortunately by this time of the year that resolution has been lost and forgotten long ago. So what do we do? We wait and tell ourselves "next January I'm going to stick to it" but we don't, duplicating the same cycle over and over again. So what should we do?

A. Get Inspired

  • Try something new like dancing, volleyball, yoga or running a 10k. Find a partner or a group that share similar interests.

B.Stay Motivated

  • Soar with the eagles! Research has repeatedly shown that humans play off each other's energy. Dieting is a lot easier with a buddy who understands. Or a non-smoking campaign with a group of fellow non-smokers make the impossible, possible. Constant reinforcement leads to more positive results.

  C. Ward off Degenerative Disease

  • Whether it be mental or physical diseases, such as Alzheimer's and/or Arthritis to name a few. Research has again shown social interaction is pivotal in prevention of dementia as well as physical activity.

So get active in your community, support and encourage your friends while you get encouraged yourself. Try out new activities, keep your mind and your body active and live strong.