Tax Season Stress? Chiropractic Can Help!


Tax season is going strong, and that means added stress of many of us. Stress can have a huge negative impact on your health and can lead to issues including anxiety, depression, illness, and lack of sleep. Whether you are facing situational stress due to tax season are are dealing with chronic stress, we can help.

When stress takes over, it is difficult to get anything accomplished. You may experience an inability to focus, migraines, neck and back aches, and muscle tension. Here’s how chiropractic helps:

  • Optimal function is restored to the body through chiropractic adjustments

  • Muscle tension is reduced

  • Relaxation tips are provided

Optimal Muscle Function

Your spine is (literally) the backbone of your body’s neurological system. Your brain communicates every little thing your body does with the help of your spine. When you experience stress, your body tenses up and forces your spine out of alignment. When you see us at Stiles Chiropractic for a spinal adjustment, we will help return your spine to its proper position and restore function to the body. Many of our patients report feeling better after just one adjustment and enjoy increased energy, a healthier immune system, and less stress.

Reduce Muscle Tension

When you feel stressed, you may not even realize it, but you have a tendency to tense your muscles. Simple tasks become more challenging and eventually your tense muscles take a toll on the rest of your body. You may begin to have trouble focusing and suffer from lack of sleep, pain, and discomfort. Our team can help your muscles loosen up and return your body to its natural balanced state.


When you’re suffering from stress, relaxation seems impossible. We find that most of our patients don’t maintain proper posture, which adds even more stress to the spine. We will teach you to properly relax your body while maintaining excellent posture. This will help you achieve a state of relaxation that may even restore quality sleep.

If you are suffering from stress, either situational or chronic, contact us to schedule a consultation. It is our goal to help you accomplish the best health possible, and we want to get you back to feeling great.