A Pain in the Testes

What is vericocele?



Vein in Varicocele

Vein in Varicocele

Vericocele is an enlargement of varicose veins that are in the scrotum. This happens as a result of defective one-way valves that are meant to protect backflow in the veins, or compression of a vein in the surrounding structure can cause this.

Who Does Vericocele Affect?

Vericocele affects men usually between the ages of 15-30, and rarely after 40. They affect 15 out of 100 men; 40 out of 100 infertile men are diagnosed.[i]

Signs & Symptoms

It often does not produce signs or symptoms and on occasion it may cause pain.

Which can:

  • Worsen throughout the day

  • Vary from dull (heaviness) to sharp

  • Be relieved when lying on your back[ii]

  • May become enlarged and more noticeable over time.

Should You See a Doctor?

There are many different reasons for pain in the testes, varicocele may just be one of them. If you are having chronic pain, discomfort or find a mass you should contact your physician. That being said, it is fairly common for men to have a sharp shooting pain into the testes, relax. This may be a result of a pinched nerve and/or a tight psoas muscle (a deep hip-flexor muscle) putting pressure on the nerve causing nerve pain into the testes.

Chiropractic care can help alleviate this type of nerve interference by correcting the alignment and taking pressure off of those nerves. Along with chiropractic care, massage to the psoas muscles will help to stretch out those muscles and reduce tension constricting the area. Schedule an appointment with us to get started with care.

What else?

According to the Mayo Clinic the treatment of varicocele is surgery, though there is no proof that fertility rates improve after surgery; though some doctors believe that larger sized varicoceles are linked to sperm deficiencies. The surgery may or may not help with pain.


We had a patient come into our office that was diagnosed with varicocele and had extreme pain in his testicles. After going through a process of doctor after doctor with no cure for his pain to be found, he was at his wits end, even considering amputation to relieve his pain. He called his physician telling him that he was at the end of his rope with this pain, which was when his doctor suggested chiropractic. Though he was hesitant he scheduled the appointment. After his examination he began treatments. In less than three months his pain dissipated and has not returned. If this is something you or someone you know struggles with it may be time to come in and see if chiropractic care will work for you. You will receive a thorough examination and a treatment plan designed specifically for you.