Fast Healing

Low Back Pain Cartoon.jpeg

Many times throughout my career I got asked this question: Can my subluxations (a bone of the spine pinching on the nerve tissue) return?

The answer is yes, of course. Continually repeating the same poor habits or new trauma can cause a new subluxation. However, there is good news. If you stay under regular maintenance care, these reoccurrences can resolve much faster.

This past March I went on my annual ski trip. Midway through my second day, I took a hard fall. I knew it was a bad fall, but I did what most of us devoted skiers would do. I made a few more runs. As I queued up for the lift, I tried to stomp the snow off my board. Ouch! That hurt a bit more than I would've liked it to, so I decided to make that my last run of the day. After reaching the bottom of the mountain, I released both of my legs from my board and found myself barely able to walk. I gimped my way back to my hotel and friends. Thank God for the friends that helped me get out of my boots. I couldn't wait to get back home and get an adjustment.

2 weeks after my fall, I was back to walking normally and wearing my hills.

Having my spine adjusted on a regular basis allowed my body to heal quickly; getting me back to all of my regular activities.

Accidents will happen. Make sure your body is healthy enough to heal and overcome the adversities of life.