Cold Got You Down?


Another cold got you down? Before reaching in the medicine cabinet try these:

  1.   See your chiropractor - A misaligned spine can affect  your immune system.
  2.   Put down that drink - Yup, alcohol causes dehydration.
  3.   No caffeine - Caffeine can lead to more coughing and  dehydration.
  4.   Drink plenty of water - Keep your body hydrated.
  5.   Rest - It's better for your body to be at ease than  continually struggling.
  6.   Massage your throat - If you have a sore throat,          
     massage the lymph glands located on the sides of your  neck. Start near the collar bone and work your way up to  the jaw. This will help the glands drain.
  7.   Nutritional support:
    • Comu Comu - is a berry from the amazon and is 60x more abundant in Vitamin C than an orange.
    • Barley Grass - this grass is high in alkaline naturally and is packed full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll.

       8.   Time - An average cold will last 7-10 day. Be kind to your body and give it time to heal.

              Remember, prevention is always best