Chiropractic: A Luxury?

Luxurious lifestyle - chiropractic
Luxurious lifestyle - chiropractic

Chiropractic: A luxury?

In passing the other day I had a conversation with a man who said “I love my chiropractor and I never felt better than when I was getting my adjustments.” But, his insurance changed and stopped covering chiropractic and therefore he said that he had to discontinue his treatments; stating that it’s a luxury (like the maid).

Chiropractic: a luxury? This really got me thinking. When has health become a luxury? Presently our health care model is based on symptoms (crisis care), but yet we call it “preventative.” Chiropractic eliminates interference in our nervous system allowing our bodies to function properly with or without the presence of symptoms.

How is your body functioning? The answer to that question is: “I don’t know.” Basing our health on symptoms we are putting health care back in the category of “crisis care.” If you are having a symptom, your body is in some form of crisis; whether it be something minor (i.e. Neck pain) or something major (i.e. Chest pain).

We need to change our thinking.

Chiropractic: service Spine soon
Chiropractic: service Spine soon

We need to start thinking of health care as maintaining our health instead of crisis (symptom based) care.

If you were driving your car and the check oil light came on (the symptom), you could pull the fuse controlling the light and then the symptom would be gone… crisis averted right? Well, keep driving that car and see how far you get before the engine seizes up (the symptom), a major crisis!

All of us laugh of course and say “I would never do that to my car,” but yet we do it every day to our bodies.

Chiropractic is a primary.

It keeps our nervous system clear of interference and allows our body to function at its best, plain and simple.

Health care NOT crisis care.

So... How are you functioning? Visit your chiropractor and have your spine checked today.

Here’s to truly being healthy!

Chiropractic healthy
Chiropractic healthy