Did You Know?

  • 49% of children who received regular chiropractic care never had to use antibiotics compared with 11.8% of children who received regular medical care.

  • 69% of children who received chiropractic care had no ear infections compared with 19.9% of children who received regular medical care.

  • 94% of the children who received an average of three chiropractic treatments had no colic symptoms after 2 weeks.

  • 73.7% of children who received regular chiropractic care had no occurrence of tonsillitis compared with 57.1% of children who received regular medical care.1

Our central nervous system controls everything that we do, and if there is a disruption in it then the nerves cannot properly function. When our spine is out of alignment this puts pressure on the spinal cord and can hinder the proper functioning of nerves throughout the entire body. Babies and children can be affected by the impingement of nerves as well and can result with a variety of symptoms, including but not limited to: colic, poor sleep, irritability, digestive issues, headaches, asthma, problems breastfeeding, behavior problem, lack of concentration, bed-wetting etc.

Case Study:

"Clinical Features:The first case involves an 8-week-old girl unable to maintain suction while breastfeeding since birth. She was diagnosed by a chiropractor with cranial subluxations. The second infant a 4-week-old boy, had been unable to suckle effectively since birth. He was diagnosed with spinal and cranial subluxations.

Intervention and Outcome: Each infant received diversified spinal adjusting and/or craniosacral therapy based on the clinical findings. The first was able to nurse normally after receiving 2 chiropractic adjustments over 14 days. The second infant suckled immediately following his first adjustment and received a total of 4 adjustments in 21 days."2

How can a child get nerve interference?

Vertebral subluxations are a part of our normal everyday life, they can come from a variety of places: physical and emotional stress play a big part of stress in the body. In children, this can begin in the uterus with awkward positioning or during labor when the baby passes through the birth canal putting stress on the spine. Sleeping on our stomachs, falls, bad posture and prolonged postures can cause fatigue on our body; poor nutrition, dehydration, and anxiety can also exacerbate symptoms.

How Chiropractic can help:

Chiropractic adjustments on children are very gentle, safe and effective. Babies can be evaluated soon after birth, and can be adjusted to correct any subluxated areas that are found.



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