The Flu


It seems we can't turn on our T.V's or radios without hearing about this terrible flu season. Schools being closed, people dying... it's all very scary. With every broadcast, the solution just seems to be the flu shot, but what about tending to our immune systems. Thoughts that jump into my head include:

1.   Are you properly hydrated?

     - Proper hydration is consuming ½ of your body weight in ounces of pure water every single day.

2.   Are you taking Vitamin - C?

     -Get your Vitamin - C from real food and supplements, not just a tablet that has been synthetically manufactured in a laboratory.

3.   Are you washing your hands frequently with plain soap and water?

     - Put the anti-bacterial soap away and those hand sanitizers aren't as safe as they may seem.

4.   Resting?

     - Advised rest is generally 7-9 hours every night... make it happen.

5.  Reducing your sugar consumption.

     - Sugar blocks the absorption of Vitamin - C into the cells. Look at your labels, sugar is in most of our food. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meals.

Finally if you get sick, stop and stay at home. Your body will recover much quicker.

I attached an interesting article about the flu vaccine. Just some food for thought.