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I woke up Monday morning with acute strong neck pain. Now, for one reason or another I was short staffed, which meant that I couldn't run to a friend's office for an adjustment. As the day progressed my neck was so stiff, I could hardly move it, to the point that my patients noticed. The glands in my throat swelled, I was fatigued and generally felt ill, like I was about to come down with a cold.  

By Tuesday morning, my head was leaning forward and rotating to the right, I needed help. Having a full staff in the office, I ran over to a colleague's office. Immediately after my adjustment, not only had 85% of my neck pain gone. I could hold my head up over my shoulders, the glands in my throat started draining and my energy returned.

I often hear, "are you one of those Chiropractors that says they can cure everything?" Well, let's look at the facts.

The nerves in my neck do control more than just the muscles. By alleviating the pressure off of those nerves, it only makes sense that, different functions of the body would also be affected.

That's the beauty of Chiropractic, plain and simple.

Chiropractic will always be #1 for me. I practice what I preach 

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