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Patient Testimonials

A car accident had affected my overall life. I could no longer sit, lie down, bend over, or walk with out pain. After 3 months of physical therapy, I was still in pain. A friend referred me to Dr. Stiles who I found to be professional, thorough, and compassionate. Within my first month of treatment I was “bendy” again. I found I was able to relax with out pain by my 4th week of treatment! I have been a patient of Dr. Stiles for 2 years with amazing results. I will continue to see her and to recommend her to others.

Mara B.

I found it hard to get motivated in the morning, I was too stiff to exercise, and my body felt off. I meet Dr. Stiles at a Health Fair where her passion for her work inspired me to learn more. I was impressed with the courtesy and care I received in her office. The exams were very thorough, I was surprised to find how everything is connected. It took about 5-6 weeks for me to realize my mobility was better, I was able to do yoga and Pilates without pain, even my mood and concentration has improved. Life is better since I found Dr. Stiles.

Lynn D.

I was using heating pads, creams, and tape to get through my day. Surgery had been suggested to relieve my shoulder and mid back pain, but I wanted to heal naturally. I received more than information at Stiles Chiropractic Offices, I was given respect, privacy, concern, and best of all relief. In about 3 weeks my form and posture had improved, I have less pain, and feel more relaxed.

Denise C.

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