Holiday Massage SALE!

Posted on: December 10th, 2013

Holiday Massage SALE at Stiles Chiropractic Offices!

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December Symptom of the Month

We know that this month can seem nonstop as you prepare for Christmas and the New Year, but pause to prioritize your health by calling to schedule an appointment at our office today.

Having regular chiropractic care has been proven to help one’s immune system become stronger and prevent nasty sicknesses like the flu from ruling the body. “”During the Great Flu epidemic of 1918, those under chiropractic care had higher rates of survival. Statistics documented the following ratios: medical care: 1 out of 17 died; chiropractic care: 1 fatality out of 836.”1

This is not only flu season, but a cold season. Annoying sniffles, runny noses, and agitating coughs become the background noise of our homes, offices, and train rides. Yet, chiropractic can help even with the common cold. “Chiropractic is especially effective in increasing the body’s resistance. It recognizes that an adequate nerve supply is of the greatest importance in regulating the function of all tissues of the body. By restoring the proper balance of body processes, that all too common cold loses its force and more serious complications are avoided.” Take natural steps to resisting these nasty seasonal bugs today.


our Christmas promotional below.

Yours in Health,

Tracey Stiles

Stiles Chiropractic Offices

Sources 1. Harte, Donald E. Alternative to the sting of a failed flu vaccine. World Chiropractic Alliance. 2004, Page 28. 2., “The Common Cold.” 3., “The Great Flu Scam of 2003.”




Give the gift of massage this holiday season. Come into our office and buy this gift certificate for you, family, friends, or colleagues. Recipients of the certificate will need to call our office at 312.642.1138 to schedule their 1hr session with the massage therapist. Recipients do not need to be existing patients of Dr. Stiles to use certificate and do not need to undergo any chiropractic examinations before, during, or after use of the certificate. This coupon may not be used to substitute past services received in the office. Not redeemable for cash.

Offer Expires: 12/31/13 (Actual certificate has no expiration).

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